Do you know that the oysters of Mare Santonum (Marennes-Oléron basin) were already praised in Roman times ? The ancient city of Rome imported them salted or pickled in barrels. Already known as exceptional products and enjoyed as such in the course of sumptuous meals, they regained their letters of nobility in the 19th century. In 1967, the history of oysters came to meet Guy POGET ‘s own story.That was the time when he bought his first oyster-park in the midst of mists and currents of the biggest and most fertile mudflats of Europe. More precisely in Mornac Sur Seudre, charming oyster-breeding village which has been acknowledged as one of the most beautiful villages in France.

Looking for excellence, Guy POGET started growing the « Fine du Galon d’Or », an oyster with a firm generous flesh and a iodized taste which immediately met with wide success.

Huîtres Poget
Huîtres Poget
Huîtres Poget

In 1981 his inquiring mind and his desire to explore vaster territories urged Guy POGET to make his first oyster-farming experiments on the sandy strands of Utah Beach in Normandy in the bay of Veys. At the confluence of four rivers, the Taute, the Douve , the Aure and the Vire, the foreshore waters carry a food rich in plankton, mineral and oligo-elements which give the oysters an exceptional taste.

Some people will claim that the oyster-bed makes the oyster in the same way as the barrel makes
the wine. That’s how the Special oyster of Mr POGET was born between two territories which give it its firm generous crunchy and slightly sweet flesh . Its name is « 1750 » .

Passion and « savoir-faire » are so pregnant in the family that Thierry POGET, Guy’s son who grew up along with the ebb and flow of tides in Charente and Normandy, chose to attend a special school dedicated to the sea to join the family enterprise in 1984. At that time, the production was mainly bought by Paris markets.
In 2005 new oyster-beds were acquired to allow a European development which was made possible thanks to partnerships based on mutual trust and respect.
Following the encounter of Thierry POGET and Grégory DEWITTE, the POGET oyster-shop opened up in 2020 on Ile Saint-Louis in Paris. POGET Oysters are now sold in a privileged setting…